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Genetic Alchemy

Epigenetics is the new field, meaning "control above the genes". DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cells and energetic messages emerging from positive and negative thoughts/environments, not by inheritance or genes. Genes are blueprints and can be "on" or "off" and can be changed by feelings and perceptions.  Since we have the power to change our minds, we absolutely can change our genes, and it's called epigenetics.

Robin Holliday defined epigenetics as "the study of the mechanisms of temporal and spatial control of gene activity during the development of complex organisms." Thus epigenetic can be used to describe anything other than DNA sequence that influences the development of an organism. 

Epigenetics suggests that our DNA is recording everything we think, say, do, feel believe, etc. It is also recording everything we experience and what is in our environment both in reality and our imagination.

"The insights to Cyndi doing my charts opened my eyes to a different dimension of myself I was not aware of.  Her knowledge of Genetic Alchemy was astounding.  I felt at ease with her interpretations of my chart and she answered my questions in all aspects of the reading.  I am going to refer this method of Practical Mysticism to others.  I am a new grandmother and already I am having Cyndi do another chart for our grandson!  I am excited to have this opportunity to get a great insight into my grandsons potential and his strengths in the years to come."
Darcy B.

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"Two of the most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why".  - Mark  Twain